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#Freedom and #Liberty require #Decentralization

Practically everyone knows a geek. Ask your geeks to share their websites by running decentralization software such as Hubzilla, thereby making centralized social networks irrelevant.

Senatorial Candidate Austin Petersen Receives Controversial Facebook Ban 


Former Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Austin Petersen received a 30-day ban on his personal facebook account yesterday for an unspecified TOS violation. Only one post was removed and it contained a video.  The video breaks down his take on Senator Clair McCaskill‘s anti-gun record, specifically her voting for the Assault Weapon Ban. Petersen is concurrently running a promotion which involves giving away an AR-15 – a weapon which would have been illegal under the ban.

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Since the revival of a couple of months ago, the existing profiles have had no federation with diaspora pods that were previously connected with. This is unrepairable on my end, and since the only non-bots that ever log in are @Alien (A23P) and myself, I'm considering ending the Friendica node. Thanks to Mike's work updating the diaspora plugin, I currently use my Hubzilla powered channel to connect with diaspora folks. Alien has been using his old diaspora account and I haven't heard any complaints.

@Alien (A23P) - I'm going to leave this up to you since I'm torn. Now that I know how to keep Friendica stable, Do you wish to create a new profile at or move on? If you choose to move on, just let me know when you have your data backed up and I'll shut it down.
Alien (A23P)
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  • VERY much thanks for the heads up.
  • As you noted, I'd also noticed that while I was pulling from Diaspora, none of my comments or post were actually hitting out to Diaspora.
I absolutely have USED & ABUSED the ability to save and categorize post and comments on Friendica, and it in many regards became a personal library for me. In fact, I still continue logging into it for that one reason alone.

But man...... ever had one of those moments where you just want to fall on the floor screaming in denial..... "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?"

I suppose that's about my feeling on seeing your post here, but alas, I can not deny the logic of your rational.

I'm in travel currently and have a few music gigs left to knock out before I return to a state of relative calm. So would just like some time to wrap those up and things, and then I'll take making sure I've backed everything up and what not (MUST PRESERVE THE LIBRARY) and then * le sigh *......

The Doors - The End (original)
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all the children are insane....
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We do have the 'Export personal data' option. I bet that export could be imported to a newly created profile on the same server. I'll give it a try someday when I'm not super busy.

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Finally, if you could create an alternative open standard system that could do all the things that email can do, it would probably have the same problems. That’s why I don’t think it will happen.

Oh look, Hubzilla is "an alternative open standard system that could do all the things that email can do", and it doesn't have the same problems. Now how can Hubzilla's Zot protocol gain popularity?

Is there a replacement for email?


David is fed up with spam, phishing and viruses, and thinks email is no longer fit for purpose. What could he use to replace it?

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Not a single mention of XMPP or any other open protocol that has been developed since email was invented 5000 years ago. Just Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger and friends. Sigh.

To their credit, the article did mention that
Email’s second huge advantage is that, unlike Facebook, nobody owns it.

but then they lost credibility by following it with this ignorant statement:
Finally, if you could create an alternative open standard system that could do all the things that email can do, it would probably have the same problems. That’s why I don’t think it will happen.
Letter Bomber
@Andrew Manning That's exactly what I was thinking, that the statement was ignorant. It shows that they believe that what Silicon Valley comes out with is all there is in the world, and that shows somebody who's unwilling to look elsewhere, cause there's stuff all over the place. But I don't expect any better from the Guardian, they're just the voice of the mass ignorant middle-class populace.

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The Internet Health Report


Welcome to Mozilla’s new open source initiative to document and explain what’s happening to the health of the Internet. Combining research from multiple sources, we collect data on five key topics and offer a brief overview of each.

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Jason RobinsonJason Robinson wrote the following post Mon, 17 Oct 2016 16:23:33 -0500
FOSDEM 2017 - Accepted developer rooms
I see there is a "Decentralized internet" room for the first time, great news! Anyone from #Diaspora, #Friendica, #Hubzilla, #GNUSocial, #Pumpio, #Mediagoblin or other #decentralized social network project peeps planning to submit talks? Doesn't look like the call for proposals is out yet for this room. Will be sure to spend some time in this room in any case.

@ (Christopher) - maybe a good chance to push out #ActivityPub if you're planning to attend this year, hmm?

FOSDEM 2017 - Accepted developer rooms


We are pleased to announce the developer rooms that will be organised at FOSDEM 2017. Developer rooms are assigned to self-organising groups to work together on open source projects, to discuss topics relevant to a broader subset of the community, etc. The individual developer room organisers will issue their calls for participation in the next few...

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