Seth Martin
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I am NOT @Theaitetos

I have been misidentified so please don't call my co-workers or e-mail them. My company and I are innocent bystanders.

#Diaspora #NewHere
Seth Martin
It just dawned on me that maybe Anya thought I was Thea because we're both vegan and have some of the same connections. I had an e-mail exchange with him/her/it and it still insists:
That was NO mistake.

I deleted the comments / posts because nothing any of you do there matters to me.

3 months of using that profile for external viewing for hundreds of people connected elsewhere daily and you idiots still don't get it.

Fuck you and everyone there, seriously. Fuck off.

                                                             Λnya ~
Eris Sophia Capeditiea
 from Diaspora
*nods, sometimes diaspora has crazies. and they will attempt to destroy everyone who has similar tags. *nods, thea's and my name is quite similar... his is kinda greek... mind is sumer. :3
 from Diaspora
Seth is Egyptian :3

But Darth Vegan rules! xD