Seth Martin
Add your name to Austin's open letter To Mark Zuckerberg!


In my campaign for the United States Senate, I have made Facebook a centerpiece of my outreach efforts. I have used both my Personal Profile and my Official Page to connect with friends, family, and supporters, and to share and express our views about the future of the country.

That’s why, on September 22, I was so shocked to receive a notification from Facebook informing me that I had been “blocked” from using Facebook for thirty days because I “recently posted something that violates Facebook’s policies.” Believing this to be a mistake, my campaign reached out to Facebook for more information. Today — six days later — I still have not received an explanation, and the block remains in effect.

At the same time the block was affected, a Facebook Live video I had posted to my Official Page promoting my campaign’s AR-15 giveaway was removed. A few days later, a Status Update posted to my Profile referencing the same giveaway was also removed. I’m confident that such giveaways are consistent with Facebook’s policies — several posts promoting the giveaway, including paid “Dark Posts,” remain visible on our page — so it’s unclear to me why such content would warrant an immediate takedown and thirty-day ban...

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Seth Martin
This is actually helping Austin's campaign with extra publicity but you can bet that this is a political move on Facebook's part. This open letter is to keep the publicity rolling.
Seth Martin
Now, I think a private bakery has a right to not make any cakes they disapprove of, just as a private company (Facebook) has a right to suspend anyone that gives away guns they disapprove of (the presumed reason), but it's bad behavior. Neither should be illegal, but both are worthy of criticism.

The only difference I see is that Facebook is trying to control Missouri politics. It doesn't appear this was a bot banning since it was a video that was removed.
Seth Martin
Enough media attention did finally get him out of Facebook jail but still without explanation.