Seth Martin
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I have been eating the frozen protein crumbles that are made with pea protein and it is delicious. It's super fast to heat and add to a dish.

I don't think it tastes like animal meat (that's a good thing) but does taste like spices that are traditionally used with meat. I threw the last package away because there was obviously an accident that added too much spice - so much that it tasted and smells like Italian sausage smells.

I'm imagining internet vegans will likely start bashing Beyond Meat products now that a company associated with animal cruelty stands a chance to profit.

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Top chicken producer pours money into plant-based meat


Tyson Foods is known for its chickens, nuggets, beef and pork, but it sounds like it doesn't consider mock meat makers to be its nemesis. In fact, it has poured money into Beyond Meat, enough to own five percent of the California-based company that creates chicken- and beef-like products using soy, peas and amaranth. The executive director of Plant Based Foods Association, Michele Simon, told The New York Times that this is the first time she's heard of a traditional meat producer investing in a company that makes protein alternatives.

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