Seth Martin
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It turns out that I've been using the #vegan term incorrectly for at least 33-years. Even though I haven't eaten any animal-derived products all this time, I should use #Vegetarian to describe my diet since I'm not a follower of Veganism and I'm not opposed to using leather boots. I don't believe that I'm contributing to the exploitation of animals by using this by-product. I would certainly use synthetic boots if there weren't enough meat-eaters to supply material for leather boots but as long as it's abundant, I'm going to keep using long-lasting boots.

I'll still use the vegan word at a restaurant to simplify the description of the food I'm seeking but as for everywhere else, I'm vegetarian to avoid confusion.

It's kind of like the #capitalism term - I don't want the appearance of an evil prick so I'll clearly state that I would appreciate #free-markets if they existed.

Marshall Sutherland
Communication can get so messy when people have different definitions for the words they are using (especially, when they don't know they have different definitions).