Seth Martin
Seth Martin
We all know Trump isn't keeping to his promises. He's been in a YEAR now and you can still buy packaged shredded pizza cheese. How hard is it to ban this stuff? And how will you make America grate again if you don't?
Marshall Sutherland
Hi. Lastauth is died? account's profile lost?

Seth Martin
Add your name to Austin's open letter To Mark Zuckerberg!


In my campaign for the United States Senate, I have made Facebook a centerpiece of my outreach efforts. I have used both my Personal Profile and my Official Page to connect with friends, family, and supporters, and to share and express our views about the future of the country.

That’s why, on September 22, I was so shocked to receive a notification from Facebook informing me that I had been “blocked” from using Facebook for thirty days because I “recently posted something that violates Facebook’s policies.” Believing this to be a mistake, my campaign reached out to Facebook for more information. Today — six days later — I still have not received an explanation, and the block remains in effect.

At the same time the block was affected, a Facebook Live video I had posted to my Official Page promoting my campaign’s AR-15 giveaway was removed. A few days later, a Status Update posted to my Profile referencing the same giveaway was also removed. I’m confident that such giveaways are consistent with Facebook’s policies — several posts promoting the giveaway, including paid “Dark Posts,” remain visible on our page — so it’s unclear to me why such content would warrant an immediate takedown and thirty-day ban...

#Facebook #Social Networking #Freedom #Liberty @LibertyPod+
Seth Martin
This is actually helping Austin's campaign with extra publicity but you can bet that this is a political move on Facebook's part. This open letter is to keep the publicity rolling.
Seth Martin
Now, I think a private bakery has a right to not make any cakes they disapprove of, just as a private company (Facebook) has a right to suspend anyone that gives away guns they disapprove of (the presumed reason), but it's bad behavior. Neither should be illegal, but both are worthy of criticism.

The only difference I see is that Facebook is trying to control Missouri politics. It doesn't appear this was a bot banning since it was a video that was removed.
Seth Martin
Enough media attention did finally get him out of Facebook jail but still without explanation.
Seth Martin
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#Freedom and #Liberty require #Decentralization

Practically everyone knows a geek. Ask your geeks to share their websites by running decentralization software such as Hubzilla, thereby making centralized social networks irrelevant.

Senatorial Candidate Austin Petersen Receives Controversial Facebook Ban 


Former Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Austin Petersen received a 30-day ban on his personal facebook account yesterday for an unspecified TOS violation. Only one post was removed and it contained a video.  The video breaks down his take on Senator Clair McCaskill‘s anti-gun record, specifically her voting for the Assault Weapon Ban. Petersen is concurrently running a promotion which involves giving away an AR-15 – a weapon which would have been illegal under the ban.

#Politics #Facebook #Social Networking @LibertyPod+
Seth Martin
It appears that the 20 foot rule doesn't apply when shooting Seth in the back.

Seth Martin
Were you playing against police officers?

I kinda wondered the same thing. It seems so common that they act above the law.
Seth Martin
The bruise is smaller than I expected.
Jake Moomaw

Seth Martin
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We threw this together this evening. When he speaks to a crowd of potential donors tomorrow, they'll have a place to go make donations.
We'll have a better photo and introduction going soon.
All of the legal steps have been taken and he'll be on the ballot in November.

Missourians for David Martin


Elect David Martin for Missouri House of Representatives, 23rd District

#Missouri #Politics #Decriminalization #David Martin

Seth Martin
Since the revival of a couple of months ago, the existing profiles have had no federation with diaspora pods that were previously connected with. This is unrepairable on my end, and since the only non-bots that ever log in are @Alien (A23P) and myself, I'm considering ending the Friendica node. Thanks to Mike's work updating the diaspora plugin, I currently use my Hubzilla powered channel to connect with diaspora folks. Alien has been using his old diaspora account and I haven't heard any complaints.

@Alien (A23P) - I'm going to leave this up to you since I'm torn. Now that I know how to keep Friendica stable, Do you wish to create a new profile at or move on? If you choose to move on, just let me know when you have your data backed up and I'll shut it down.
Alien (A23P)
 from Diaspora
  • VERY much thanks for the heads up.
  • As you noted, I'd also noticed that while I was pulling from Diaspora, none of my comments or post were actually hitting out to Diaspora.
I absolutely have USED & ABUSED the ability to save and categorize post and comments on Friendica, and it in many regards became a personal library for me. In fact, I still continue logging into it for that one reason alone.

But man...... ever had one of those moments where you just want to fall on the floor screaming in denial..... "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?"

I suppose that's about my feeling on seeing your post here, but alas, I can not deny the logic of your rational.

I'm in travel currently and have a few music gigs left to knock out before I return to a state of relative calm. So would just like some time to wrap those up and things, and then I'll take making sure I've backed everything up and what not (MUST PRESERVE THE LIBRARY) and then * le sigh *......

The Doors - The End (original)
by random shuffle on YouTube
 from Diaspora
all the children are insane....
Seth Martin
We do have the 'Export personal data' option. I bet that export could be imported to a newly created profile on the same server. I'll give it a try someday when I'm not super busy.
Now it's going to be stuck in mine.  Thanks :P
Seth Martin
Here's another radio song that'll get stuck in your head.

Calvin Harris - Feels (Official Video) ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Big Sean
by CalvinHarrisVEVO on YouTube

Seth Martin
I think it would be fantastic to own a water distiller. As a child, I drank rain water primarily. The clean rain water taste has always been the only one that quenches my thirst. After moving to the city, I have continued to get that pure, clean, same rainwater taste from bottled distilled water. Over the years, I have spent a lot of money on bottled distilled water, drinking it almost exclusively.

I've heard the following myths countless times from friends and acquaintances. One of my friends owns an extremely expensive alkaline water ionizer that requires an expensive additive to work and constantly preaches it's presumed benefits, criticizes my distilled water use, quoting all of the following myths. His alkaline water is extremely nasty tasting to me and I believe he has been falling for just another scam as he usually does.

What is Alkaline Water?
Alkaline water is water which has been run through an ionizer using a process called electrolysis which separates the alkaline and acidic constituents of water.

What is Distilled Water?
Distilled water is water which has been heated to the boiling point in a distiller. The solid particles in the water are left behind as the water itself is converted into steam, which is then collected and condensed into pure water.

But Which is Best?
There are a lot of myths surrounding both distilled water and alkaline water. Here are some common distilled water myths:

Myth: Distilled water is very acidic
Fact: Pure distilled water is actually at a neutral pH of 7.0, and has no solids dissolved in it to act as a buffer. Therefore, adding even a slight amount of an acid (carbon dioxide from the air) or base (alkalizing substances such as baking soda) will easily change the pH of distilled water. In comparison, the pH of non-distilled water, which contains dissolved solids, is much harder to budge.

Myth: Distilled water isn't healthy because all the minerals have been removed
Fact: Minerals come from the foods we eat, not the water we drink. Plants convert the inorganic minerals found in rocks, soil, and natural water sources into an organic form which can be absorbed and used by the body.

Myth: Distilled water leaches minerals out of your body leading to mineral deficiency
Fact: This is only true if you have an excess accumulation of minerals in your body that are not being used or stored in your bones. If your body has more minerals than it can use and store, it will rid itself of these excess materials through the kidneys. Pure water, because it does not contain any minerals, actually helps the kidneys to function efficiently in their job as the body's filter by flushing out any excess minerals, keeping them from building up in the body.

But what about alkaline water? Here are some common alkaline water myths:

Myth: Drinking alkaline water can change your body's pH
Fact: Ultimately it really doesn't matter if the water you drink is slightly alkaline or slightly acidic because upon entering your stomach, everything you eat and drink mixes with the extremely acidic gastric juices in your stomach. After this mix exits your stomach, then your pancreas releases alkalizing bicarbonate to neutralize the stomach acid. Your body is designed to constantly adjust for optimal pH no matter what you ingest. The hydrochloric acid in your stomach is actually 1 million times more acidic than pure distilled water with a neutral pH. You cannot ingest something alkaline enough to shift this balance without causing yourself harm!

Myth: Alkaline water is good for your health
Fact: The reason your body uses such a strong acid to aid in digestion: it destroys bacteria, fungi and other pathogens found in the foods you eat. If you alter the acidity of the stomach, you encourage infection further along in your system. Those who use antacids such as proton pump inhibitors have a higher risk of bacterial infection in the small intestines. Also, your stomach secretes protein-digesting enzymes that work best in an acidic environment. Poorly-digested proteins can lead to inflammatory responses and allergic reactions. Many digestive problems can actually be relieved by increasing the acid levels in the stomach with supplements such as apple cider vinegar.

But Which is Best?
More important that the alkaline or acidic value of your drinking water is the pollution level and decreasing water quality. Chlorine in public drinking water can control many waterborne diseases, but creates its own set up problems with cancer-causing compounds created as by-products. Fluoride, also commonly added to public drinking water, also has potential serious health risks. In addition, there are thousands industrial, agricultural and pharmaceutical contaminants that can enter the water supply, but many of them are not fully regulated by the EPA. Even after water leaves a treatment plant, it must travel through the distribution pipes that connect to your home tap. Depending on their quality and condition, these pipes can re-contaminate the treated water before it even reaches your home. Even well water can contain contaminants depending on the source of the water and the condition of the well.

Bottom line: water ionizers and alkalinizers do not remove contaminants from your drinking water. But steam distilling water does! The distillation process uses evaporation and condensation to separate pure, fresh water from its contaminants. The prolonged boiling process kills virtually all types of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and parasites. Microorganisms are not evaporated into the product water but remain in the boiling chamber as part of the residue. Additionally, a system with activated carbon filtration and venting is effective in removing volatile organic compounds.

Steam Distilling Water Provides These Benefits
  • Kills live microbiological organisms
  • Kills cysts and spores
  • Removes toxic metals
  • Removes petrochemicals
  • Removes radioactive metals
  • Purifies seawater
  • Produces safe drinking water

#Water #Health #Nutrition #Distillation @Anarcho-Vegans+
 from Diaspora
Tap water in nearly every part of the world is very safe to drink on it’s own.

Really, you say?
  • Tap water has fluoride in many parts of the world, which is decidedly Not safe to drink.
  • Tap water has Chlorine in it, which kills bacteria. Our tap water smells strongly of chlorine in the morning. What does Chlorine do to good gut bacteria, would you say?
  • Tap water has been shown to have several types of pharmaceuticals in it; from various sources including flushing expired medications down the toilet.
And all of this gets decidedly worse if you live in, say, Flint Michigan

I'd suggest a Big Berkey.
 from Diaspora
Brad Koehn Tap water in nearly every part of the world is very safe to drink on it’s own.

Really, you say?
  • Tap water has fluoride in many parts of the world, which is decidedly Not safe to drink.
  • Tap water has Chlorine in it, which kills bacteria. Our tap water smells strongly of chlorine in the morning. What does Chlorine do to good gut bacteria, would you say?
  • Tap water has been shown to have several types of pharmaceuticals in it; from various sources including flushing expired medications down the toilet.
And all of this gets decidedly worse if you live in, say, Flint Michigan.

I'd suggest a Big Berkey.
Mike Macgirvin
I drink filtered rainwater, 'cause that's all there is out here in the middle of bugger all.  Anyway, most times people just want to justify buying the distiller so they can divert it for other uses.

Seth Martin
birthday cake @Marshall Sutherland
May you have everything you reasonably wish for on this day. This day is yours, enjoy!
Mike Macgirvin
Cheers. Since you aren't here to drink your celebratory #homebrew I suppose I shouldn't let it go to waste.
Marshall Sutherland
Have at it. I'm going to Crazy Flavor night at the local ice creamery.
Seth Martin
It was Mom's birthday, we went to the best Chinese restaurant in town that she likes and I was insisting that my niece hold the camera horizontal "the right way".

 from Diaspora
which in the end she evidently refused to :)
Seth Martin
Kids these days - That's what was said by the kids when my sister, brother and I were all using our smartphones.

Seth Martin
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I am NOT @Theaitetos

I have been misidentified so please don't call my co-workers or e-mail them. My company and I are innocent bystanders.

#Diaspora #NewHere
Seth Martin
It just dawned on me that maybe Anya thought I was Thea because we're both vegan and have some of the same connections. I had an e-mail exchange with him/her/it and it still insists:
That was NO mistake.

I deleted the comments / posts because nothing any of you do there matters to me.

3 months of using that profile for external viewing for hundreds of people connected elsewhere daily and you idiots still don't get it.

Fuck you and everyone there, seriously. Fuck off.

                                                             Λnya ~
Eris Sophia Capeditiea
 from Diaspora
*nods, sometimes diaspora has crazies. and they will attempt to destroy everyone who has similar tags. *nods, thea's and my name is quite similar... his is kinda greek... mind is sumer. :3
 from Diaspora
Seth is Egyptian :3

But Darth Vegan rules! xD
Seth Martin
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There's at least one of my connections that should recognize this guy on the right.
 from Diaspora
Kevin Spacey's kid?

 from Diaspora
 from Diaspora
(I know, I read above :-)

Dag nabbit if I can get the image to stick here thou.

Seth Martin
Fuse is good
Transformer is good
Capacitor is good
Diode is good
Magnetron is good

I give up.
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
You could try a customized SSP05 that has been jury-rigged Vandangante style to Class 0.5 - it will give you a real boost.
Seth Martin
Hm, now I'm beginning to suspect the microverse battery.
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
One of those may land you in a Xanflorp situation - better be careful.

Seth Martin
My brother was recently forced to purchase insurance (which at it's cheapest is $300) just to sell his excess veggies in a parking lot. He paid the Farmers Market organization and they paid the government's licensing fees. He must be planning on having a lot of excess this year because it takes a lot of veggies to recoup  that much money.

Zero HedgeZero Hedge wrote the following post Sun, 04 Jun 2017 07:26:24 -0500[/url]']
Brave Police Save Town From Man Selling Veggies

Via The Daily Bell

It is the simplest, most basic aspect of life: you need food, so you grow some vegetables. If you have extra you sell them on a street corner to your neighbors, and if you live in California you get arrested for it.

Licensing is when the government takes a right from you, and sells it back. This California man failed to purchase his rights back from the state.

But the poor police had pictures taken of them while arresting the man, and now they are hearing from the public about their unjust actions.

The Sheriff’s Department of Alameda County Florida responded on Facebook to the public outrage, including thousands of criticisms posted to their Facebook page.
Selling food on street corners violates county ordinances and public health codes. Persistent street vending harms local businesses, especially small, start-up food vendors…

There you have it, from the horse’s mouth in plain black and white: the point of licenses is protection. You pay to play, if you don’t pay off the city and county, they will send their hired thugs to rough you up and demand the protection money.

It harms local businesses: apparently it is the government’s job to make sure there is no competition for certain businesses. God forbid the consumer has a choice.

And why isn’t this guy’s produce selling operation considered a small, start-up street vendor?

Simple because he didn’t pay for his rights.

Yet the Ninth Amendment in the Bill of Rights says, “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

And the 24th Amendment outlawed the poll tax, saying the right to vote had been abridged by charging citizens money in order to exercise that right.

Both of these amendments suggest that licensing–charging money for doing a normal activity, having to pay just to live your life–is one method of denying a person’s rights.

And two Supreme Court cases affirm this:
In Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 U.S. 105 (1943), the Supreme Court stated that a law requiring solicitors to purchase a license was an unconstitutional tax on the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ right to freely exercise their religion. The Court ruled that “The state cannot and does not have the power to license, nor tax, a Right guaranteed to the people,” and “No state shall convert a liberty into a license, and charge a fee therefore.”

In another case, the Court ruled similarly, that “If the State converts a right (liberty) into a privilege, the citizen can ignore the license and fee and engage in the right (liberty) with impunity.” (Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham, Alabama, 373 U.S. 262).

Earning money, engaging in basic trade, selling the excess of your labor all falls under the category of natural rights, the pursuit of happiness, liberty or whatever you want to call it. The government has no business arresting someone for selling vegetables.

So the county has their pieces of paper that say he cannot sell without a license, and he has different pieces of paper that say he can. No one bothers to think about what is right, especially the police “just doing their jobs.”

The police don’t make the rules, they just enforce them. So at what point will a law become too unjust to enforce? At what point does a cop quit his job, because he is the agent of injustice? That is such a stupid attempt to absolve oneself of responsibility.

A police officer is an individual who can choose to do evil or not. Doing injustice to fellow human beings for a salary doesn’t make it any better. Following the orders of politicians doesn’t make a cop’s actions peaceful. Throwing people in cages for selling vegetables is a terrible thing to do as one individual to another, and one should not hide behind a badge, uniform, department, or politician while being a bad person.

Let’s look at the rest of the excuse given by the Sheriff’s Department.
Selling food on street corners… poses certain health risks such as E. coli and other food borne illnesses.

Okay, getting a license doesn’t stop E. coli. There have been plenty of outbreaks in licensed food, as well as government-owned water supplies. This is simply a justification given for extortion. The government isn’t testing every veggie, and they aren’t watching every restaurant employee to make sure they wash their hands before returning to work–even if they make the restaurant hang the sign.

The Sheriff’s office continued:
In addition, illegal vending causes traffic safety issues and vendors are sometimes the target of street robberies.

Ah, there you go! The police arrested the man to help him and protect him. They defacto robbed him (the costs of going through the legal system, as well as lost veggies, and lost revenue) in order to protect him from being robbed.

And they will just throw in a “traffic safety issue” for good measure. That farmstand is much more distracting than blinding blue lights flashed all over the city whenever someone is going 5 mph over the speed limit.

(On a side note, have you ever thought about how much more dangerous it is to be parked on the side of a highway after being pulled over, versus going 80 or even 90 miles per hour with the traffic?)

The whole situation is just absurd. We don’t need police running around arresting vegetable vendors–we don’t even need them arresting drug dealers!

If the police would focus on solving the millions of rapes which they never investigate, or perhaps the 39% of murders that never get cleared, maybe their Facebook pages wouldn’t be bombarded by angry citizens as often.

The clear answer is to continue to resist and engage in your highly illegal selling of vegetables, and anything else, regardless of what the law says.Support the illegal farmstand on the roadside, and engage in gray and black markets with your community.

Support the illegal farmstand on the roadside, and engage in gray and black markets with your community.

In fact, a fun activity of resistance is to actively seek out opportunities to engage in unlicensed vending and trade. This strengthens the undocumented market.

The raw milk in my cereal was sold to me illegally, which makes it that much more delicious.

#Trade #Licensing #Capitalism #Rights #Protection #Bullying #Government Overreach @Anarcho-Vegans+ @Laissez-Faire Capitalism+ @LibertyPod+
Marshall Sutherland
In some cities, it is illegal to give away food to the homeless without a permit.
Don't tell anyone we sell our #eggs and jam and chutney...
while live in $tate; do
Seth Martin
Why Android, why?

Why is there still an option to lock the screen in a rotated position, but no option to turn off screen rotation?

I only find one use for locking the screen in a vertical rotation - Map navigation.
Einer von Vielen
no option to turn off screen rotation
LinageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2) has this option.
Seth Martin
Tap 'n Turn is exactly what I needed, thank you @James Lamentus !
I like that the Tap n' Turn website also uses a Matrix chat room instead of Slack or IRC:

Seth Martin
I'm about to start migrating to a temporary server. The website will be unavailable for a while as DNS propagates and DB is locked.
I supose it's was Hubzilla version update? May i ask, what version it was before and what is now?
Seth Martin
If you're asking about an update that happened just a moment ago, I executed the util/udall script which does git pull for both Hubzilla and hubzilla-addons, but the only thing that actually updated was the diaspora addon.
$ util/udall
Already up-to-date.
Updating hzaddons
remote: Counting objects: 8, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (3/3), done.
remote: Total 8 (delta 5), reused 8 (delta 5), pack-reused 0
Unpacking objects: 100% (8/8), done.

   251c426..30f3104  master     -> origin/master
   8649314..68aff6b  dev        -> origin/dev
Updating 251c426..30f3104
diaspora/inbound.php | 5 ++---
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
If you're asking about...

Thanks, got it.

Seth Martin
Perhaps not the best place for a receptacle...

Seth Martin
Perhaps not the best place for a receptacle...
Was it at least a GFCI outlet?
Seth Martin
It was supplied by a GFCI but still...